As a Daily World Finds partner, your brand will have our high personal touch service that will bring your brand's story to life and scale your sales quickly. As an online multi-platform retailer with a specialization in travel products and a lengthy background in sales and marketing in the travel industry, as well as video production, we understand your customer and how to reach them. We will work hard to create a partnership and growth strategy that will further develop your brand’s online presence. Below are a list of our value added benefits from partnering with us.


Our products are sold on multiple online channels including our site,,, and others giving you increased exposure for your products. We started selling through Amazon's professional selling service using their FBA fulfillment shipping program in 2014.  We also use this service to fulfill our other sales channels to ensure superior reliability in shipping times and customer experience. Unlike other Amazon sellers, we have the capability to sell in all categories and on all sales channels, allowing us to represent more of your product offerings.


We want to gain your trust, and offer upfront payments with accurate order forecasting.


Our processing facility is Prime Zero Prep based in New Hampshire, a full service commercial fulfillment center with 5 loading docks. We chose them for their efficiency, ability to receive pallets of all sizes and dedication to multi-channel sellers.


  • For every product we represent we will review your product's overall listing and competitive environment to ensure the product page is fully optimized for sales conversion.
  • We will make updates to the listing for keyword optimization, titles, feature bullet points, descriptions and image enhancements.
  • We use top industry tools for keyword research to ensure your listing is reaching customers who are ready to buy.
  • Use of proprietary software to garner incremental product reviews to increase sales velocity and page rank within the organic search algorhythms on our sales channels.

Here is an example of a product we created a listing for where we grew the product's reviews, and optimized the listing which in turn increased the page rank quickly turning it into a 'new best seller' and now the item is a highly ranked product with organic traffic alone. Check out the Amazon listing here


We make every effort to help monitor your product listings we sell on for MAP violations and ensure we always follow your MAP price guidelines.


We regularly promote our partner's products through a multitude of marketing strategies. If you are a partner of Daily World Finds, your products may be a 'featured product' on our homepage, promoted on our social media outlets to include Instagram, Pinterest, and our Facebook page, with buy button integration.


Further, if we become an exclusive partner for your product(s) an additional marketing plan will be rolled out to include:

  • Free Professional Promo Video Spot, fully customized to your brand: Promoted on your product pages, social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Website, and Blogs to name a few)
  • Timed promotions throughout the year on our site
  • Exclusive emails to our subscriber list
  • Facebook niche target audience ads
  • Amazon Sponsored PPC Ads
  • Exclusive promotions/banner ads and articles built around your brand on trusted related blog sites, as well as our own
  • We will work as closely with you as you'd like to map out a successful plan of action.


A unique service we can offer your brand is the creation of a new product bundle including one or some of your products to meet customer demand and fill a gap in the marketplace. With your expressed consent, this unique product offering would be carefully designed using keyword research techniques and other factors that indicate customer demand. This bundled product would be heavily marketed at no additional cost to you to ensure a successful launch.


As a dedicated seller of your product(s), we believe that quality customer service is the most valuable tool in our arsenal for creating a great following and happy repeat customers. Your brand will always be backed by top notch level service whether it's how we handle returns, answer customer questions or communicate with a very quick response time. Our goal is to create happy customers for life.


 With your agreement, we will help you gain exposure to 90 million more customers across a global marketplace by gaining exposure through the multiple international selling platforms we sell on. The benefits to you are:

  • Incremental sales from a new customer base
  • Build your brand internationally - Exposure to 90 Million Amazon customers you wouldn't normally have access to
  • Avoid seasonality issues on some products in the US
  • Diversify Risk - Customer demand changes due to different economies across the 26 countries
  • We will handle the hassles of selling overseas including dealing with VAT taxes, duty fees, high shipping fees, language translations of product pages, handling returns, different label law requirements
  • Free consultation on which products sell well on the EU Amazon marketplace and where there are massive opportunities in gaps of product offerings
  • We can also help you test a product for overseas selling before we commit to volume orders


  • Members of the National Association of Professional Women, the national most-recognized organization for professional women business owners in the U.S.
  • Members of an Exclusive Group of International Professional Wholesale Purchasers at the forefront of industry expert knowledge on best practices, business strategies, competitive tools, and current trends for maximizing sales growth.