Our Story


Worldly Finds has one driving mission: to help keep your mind, spirit and space a positive one that bring you closer to the essence of your happy place. Taking care of one's self and establishing relaxing rituals is an essential component of being mindful and content. Happy shopping!


This small family 👩‍👧  business began on a journey spanning several continents, nearly 30 countries, and lasting well over a decade.  

 In 2012 our founder Sonia Lenzi held a role as a 'Global Purpose Specialist' for a company called G-Adventures, a social enterprise, adventure travel company, that promotes happiness by supporting community-owned enterprises. She was captivated by this philosophy and realized a consumer demand for products that support their mission to reach personal well-being goals while supporting others to grow and thrive. At the same time as the world is connecting closer on a larger scale, she saw that there is now more a sense of awakening in the country to other cultures and ways of promoting a harmonious life.  

Inspired by her experience, Sonia had a vision to create something unique—an online marketplace that offers sustainably sourced, globally inspired high vibe goods with the purpose of bringing people closer to their joy. 

Many of the goods are sourced from and are in support of international communities for sustainable change (which helps those families create a better lasting life for themselves.)  To further develop this line, Worldly Finds, brings handcrafted, uniquely designed apparel and gifts that donate a portion of its proceeds. 

So, step off the beaten path and discover gifts for the spirit,  handmade kits with love, and things that make you feel amazing.